In the middle of the road at Harajuku, Japan

In the middle of the road at Harajuku, Japan (Photo Credit: Ashley Dy)

Thank you for visiting my site. This blog contains articles that I’ve written that are related but not limited to: Teaching, Infosec, Social/Current issues and Experiences (travel, stories, food).

For my career update, I’m currently studying for the CISSP exam which I will hopefully take next year. (cross fingers on budget and sponsorship)

In the academe, I’m currently teaching OPESYS1 (Operating Systems, ADVUNIX (Advanced Unix). I’m also teaching INFOSEC (Information Security) for working students in Telus under APC. Lessons and announcements on the said courses will soon be posted here after fixing the reading materials and lecture slides.

I would like to acknowledge Paul Krzyzanowski for the lecture notes on Operating Systems and Kevin Riley for Advanced Unix that I have been using as an online reference in class. (aside from the prescribed textbooks and required curricula)

During idle time, I listen to John Finnermore’s Cabin Pressure via podcast. I also watch Gotham, The Flash and Legend of Korra (Book 4). I’m looking forward to HBO’s Newsroom Season 3.

November 2014
Makati City, Philippines

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